About Us

Headquartered in Ethiopia, ILI is a major research-intensive higher institution specializing in leadership and management studies. Through its collaborations with US and
European universities, ILI has, since its establishment in 2001, been a primary choice of leaders in Eastern African region.

Our programs in Organizational Management, Community Development, Economics and Business Management (full- and part-time) are offered in collaboration with the

Cardiff Metropolitan University, an internationally renowned institution for its credence in the area of leadership and management. We also have a strong partnership with the University of Bulacan which validates our PhD programs. Such internationally accepted credentials have won our graduates high class jobs and are attracting more competent students from Ethiopia and other African countries every year.

Globalization: We Crossed the Borders

As an institution with international reputation, ILI offers a first-class leadership education in Ethiopia and its newly established centre in Juba, South Sudan, where several ministers of the newly founded nation have enrolled for the programs.

Rich Profile in Alumni

At ILI, we make and remake leaders. In fact, ILI has been dubbed a 'fountain of leaders' by many for the rich portfolio it has built in its alumni. ILI produced in ten years what is unimaginable in a lifetime. We have produced more than 30 mayors, Deputy Prime Ministers, 15 ministers and state ministers in Ethiopia. About 10 ministers and State Ministers of South Sudan are currently enrolled in our satellite campus in Juba.

We are International

Though young and still in the making, given the enormity of its vision, ILI has established itself as a premier choice of leaders from around Africa and beyond. Now our classrooms enjoy free flow of thoughts and values reflecting cultures from all parts of the world. We Focus on Research

ILI believes that the future is a sum total of the past and the present. We not only make leaders but also study them. We continue to be at the leading edge of contemporary research and teaching. Our aim is to serve as a leading regional centre for researching and teaching leadership and management. We are currently the only such institution in the region to concentrate solely on developing leaders for the future.

We are reliable The Institute is headquartered on its own twin-tower building located next to the Addis Ababa University's Faculty of Business and Economics. The building has the capacity to accommodate 8,000 students with state-of-the-art conference facilities, a modern publishing house, a well stocked bookstore and rooms for various educational activities. The depth of our library with access to Cardiff Metropolitan University's electronic database is source of confidence for our students.

Purpose Individual and organizational transformation!

Vision, Mission, Core Values

ILI is a leadership development institute dedicated to the advancement of academic excellence in developing a leadership program of higher education by offering a flexible learning environment to scholarly impact the destiny of students and professionals in Ethiopia and beyond.
Striving to become the leading institution in providing exceptional learning environment bringing transformation of the whole person.

LEARNING: We continually strive to be a learning organization by making learning our central focus for continued transformation of individuals, communities and organizations.
INTEGRITY: We are responsible organization that promotes transparency, trustworthiness and professional ethics within our academic programs and working systems.
DEVELOPMENTAL: We stand for a research-based, flexible, proactive and innovative educational system and training that can transform the global community.
COLLABORATION: We work as a team with and learn from other partners to offer a high standard education to produce competent, socially responsible and committed professionals.
QUALITY: Quality is our language and way of life with commitment for excellence to give the best services throughout our establishments.
Value Audit: We do an assessment every three months

We are transparent with regards to our values and assumptions which inform our teaching, research and consulting practice. Prospective students
While our doors are open for everyone aspiring to be a leader, we are limited to taking only a few of the applicants at a time - the few in whom we see bigger leaders. And our judgment has been proved time and again as we have produced more than 30 mayors, fifteen ministers and state ministers, presidents of banks and leaders of other multimillion-dollar companies within the first ten years.

Registrations take place every year in January, and September. We have a gender-sensitive enrollment policy which gives precedence to women while still holding merit at the top of its requirements.

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